Hey all, long time browser - first time poster!

I'm after a script, service or even a method where the user would be presented with a recommended answer after making their selections from 2 to 4 drop down boxes.

Might be best if I make an example.. The form is going to let the user know what the preferred ISP they should use based on their answers.. Questions would be:

1. Please select your region
- region 1
- region 2
- region 3
2. What services do you require
- service 1
- service 2
- service 3

And etc.. The user would then be told who the preferred ISP(s) would be (from about 6 ISPs) and the preferred ISP(s) would then be emailed the form info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone could point me in the right direction of what code I need to investigate to do this. Cheers!