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Thread: Automatically resize the page width

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    It did not work. This code simply specifies the overall text size in the paragraph (Including the main menu). In fact, the problem is that div does not fit into the page.

    Is it possible to specify the div size in pixels, but at the same time it can shrink when the screen shrinks, as is the case with the mobile version?
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    you can define it in percentage. not sure about pixels. depends on the rest of the css. if there's something else controlling the size of the div, in percentage, the pixel size will go along for the ride. i don't know the actual rules of css, i just keep tinkering with numbers till it works. sometimes pixels will resize because somewhere in the css, the dimensions in question, are already effected by percentage, in just such a way that the two things (percentage and pixel) can work together. there's also vmin which is specific (but not isolated to) to controlling the views in handheld devices. that's why the other person in the thread linked you to the page on media queries. what they basically do is give you a way to provide different settings for different devices by simply copying and pasting the relevent media queries you're interested in, to the css for the page. similar in concept to building a page for each browser type, etc, yet much simpler.

    the reason i asked about your browser is, google chrome has a developer mode where you can view the site in various devices. i looked at your site in iphone 5 mode and it looked fine to me.

    what i do is find each case where a pixel is listed, and change it to percentage. reload to see result and refine it from there. in some cases, the thing resists percentage and as a result will break the layout (like some javascripts will resist percentage, some css3 also). so always a good idea to save as test page first so you don't ruin your original page.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have a small problem only in the mobile version, when I use the settings as I described them:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mobile version (The right edge is cut off):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Clipboard012.jpg 
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    If I decreases the percentages, then the mobile version is accurate, but the full version is shrinking.

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