Hello Forum and my first post !!!
I currently use Microsoft Access for all my database needs and can use queries and reports and they output all the data our organisation requires. These are sent by email to members.
We know that getting information to members takes too long and we need to find ways to keep members updated much faster so I have a few questions for starters and hoping someone will help guide me in the right direction.
One way would be to get selected members to input data into a web form and then for that table of data to be sorted to display the current result.
Let me take one simple example. (Boys Age under 14 - 100 metres Free Style)
We have a group of local swimming clubs in our County
Each Club has a weekly race (specific age group and distance)
Each Club submits their weekly result to myself as Secretary
Eg Position Member Number Name Time
1 DC235 AN Other 1 min 34 seconds
2 DC678 J Smith 1 min 39 seconds
My question is it possible to have a web form to input this information say their Top 8 positions for each Club (we have 12 Clubs in total in the Group) and then sort all that data into a final weekly result?
If it is possible what direction should I go in and what software to use to create it?
We have 22 weekly races a year.
Many thanks for looking.