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Thread: change iframe content and parent window content from single click in iframe window

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    Quote Originally Posted by styxlawyer View Post
    If you start now and code four pages a day you'll easily be finished by early July. Good luck with the project.
    hehe ty

    i just finished making the animatiions for heal, bow, magic 1 and magic 2. now working on sounds. it's easy to get messed up in coding. it's like a maze. i wanted to show that you can make a game without a game engine, for the artists and whatnot, who are not natural coders but really want to make a game. i can't afford photoshop, after effects, 3ds max, etc. so i'm doing most of this work with free stuff or really old software i bought years ago. hopefully the codes are either, mit licensed and/or properly credited. it's just a matter of patience and the genius of other coders that makes it possible. my code is a mess but it far. real coders would take one look at my mess of codes and laugh. i have javascript mixed with html in the same statement (supposedly a big no-no), styles all in the head, rarely have a separate style sheet, never condensed into one large style statement. tons of inline styling. oopsie. no controls for sounds/music (i gotta fix that) -- it just plays whether you want it to or not. duplicate listings of multiple jquery files. not quite media query friendly yet, either. pretty much responsive in size / width just well... character supposed to be standing on floor ends up standing 2 inches from ceiling in iphone 5.

    i'm just an old, handicap retiree who loves rpgs and video games, generally speaking. lots of free time and an abiding interest in gaming
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