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Thread: Drop down menus, and a slideshow

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    Default Drop down menus, and a slideshow


    I'm designing a website for a small business, and they said they wanted two things. Drop down menus, and a slideshow on the main page. This would be fine, if it wasn't for the fact I have to float the slideshow so it wont interfere with the rest of the page (Side menu type thing). The problem is that the images now overlay the dropdown menu, and the only solution I can see is either moving the images or removing them completely. It'd be great if I didn't have to do either, but compromises can be made.

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    You should be able to resolve this by making the floated items position relative. Then, as long as the menu is positioned and has a z-index of - say, 2 that should do it, assuming the floated content or any of it's child elements don't already have z-index, in which case the menu's z-index must exceed that of the floated content and its child elements. If the slideshow is scripted, you may be unaware of how high the z-index is on some of its constituent elements. A DOM inspector can be used to determine that in most cases.

    If you want more help, please post a link to an example of the problem in action.
    - John

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    it is much helpful for us if you attach some screen shot of the problem you're having.
    from what i understand in your website top there is a title bar and all are drop down menus and just below that there is image space for the slide show .
    it seems like your drop down menu is gone background and the sliding images are came foreground. If that is the case you need to check the z index value of all and make sure you gave a higher value for your drop down menu like ( z-index : 1000;} and make changes in the display:block; background #fff; --- too with this value
    hope it is helpful forgive any mistakes im an amateur in web development
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