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Thread: bootstrap alignment

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    Default bootstrap alignment

    Hey all,

    I'm looking to align a section of my site, but no idea how it works in bootstrap.
    It is placed in a container-fluid, where the left half should be half blank, half text left aligned. The right half should be filled with an image that fits the whole section.
    Here's an example of what I mean

    Hope you can help me out.

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    MOD EDIT: Bootstrap usage instructions

    Change the alignment of elements with the vertical-alignment utilities. Please note that vertical-align only affects inline, inline-block, inline-table, and table cell elements. Choose from .align-baseline, .align-top, .align-middle, .align-bottom, .align-text-bottom, and .align-text-top as needed.
    Last edited by Beverleyh; 04-17-2017 at 04:31 PM. Reason: Link added to appropriate Bootstrap documentation

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    Did you try anything yet? I would use this code
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-6 center-block">
          <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eum mollis lucilius in, cu mei purto latine erroribus, an enim scripta sea. His quodsi persequeris in, recteque definitiones ius cu. Sit ignota omnesque cu. Solet populo id sit.
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        <div class="col-md-6">
            <img src="IMAGE URL">
    <div class="clearfix"></div>

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