I'm looking for a filtering UI tool, something that will allow me to enter search terms into to search data in a grid/table. Something like the following:


I'm going to be experimenting with the above but I also want to know what alternatives are out there.

The filtering tool needs to mee the following criteria:


* Can join search terms with "and" or "or".
* Search terms can be set to "included" or "excluded" (i.e. give me all records that DO include "xyz" but do NOT include "abc").
* Has capacity for at least 10 search terms.
* Ability to add new search terms, or edit/delete existing ones.


* Dynamic searching: for every key stroke in the search term field, it produces some output that can be used for querying/filtering
* Output is an SQL query, or at least contains an SQL WHERE clause.

We want to use this tool in conjunction with a grid/table tool. For example, if I enter "xyz" in the search tool, only rows in the grid containing "xyz" will show up. The search tool doesn't need to be directly plugged into the grid, but we are looking for something that will help us in this regard (a bit of programming on my part to take the output of the search tool and feed it into the grid is fine).