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Thread: mysql remove spaces and single quotes from string

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    Sorry to jump in here, but what you are showing for code isn't how you would display product information on a web page (you wouldn't have individual .php files and you would use the item id (auto-increment integer) value from a product database table to reference/request the data to display through a single .php file) and you have mentioned database code (btw - phpmyadmin is not a database server it's a php scrip that's used to manage a mysql database) not working but haven't shown any code for this.

    There's also two problems with this - mysql_query("set names 'utf8'"); The php mysql_ extension is obsolete and executing a set names ... query doesn't set the character set used for the connection, it just tells the db server what character set it should expect the connection to use. You should switch to use the php PDO extension, where you can set the character set used for the connection when you make the connection.

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    By all means jump in. You probably know more about the mysql/php side of this than I do. It's obviously an encoding issue though. From what I can tell, the text displayed on the page is not matching the filenames. But the OP hasn't even shown us that much for certain. If that's all that it is, however, the page simply needs to be served in UTF-8 - many server emulators still do ISO by default. It could be the page or the server itself (we can't really see the required detail in the images). In any case, just getting everything doing everything in UTF-8 is likely the solution.
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply but the holidays you know.
    I am new to php and my English is not that good so to do a lot of reading would take forever, that why I try to learn by making something for a family member.

    The problem with some pages that did not open had to do with single quotation mark ' in a query should be '' .

    For now everything works and I move on the the next problem.

    Thank you all and have a great 2017!!

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