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Thread: Lazy loading of images

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    Default Lazy loading of images

    Hello all,

    Could I ask for some advice/opinions on lazy loading of images please.

    Is there a big advantage in terms of page loading speed if we lazy load images on the following page

    propertypagesphuket • com / VillasForSale

    Does anybody also know if it is possible to lazy load images into Galleria image viewer (as used on the property details pages)

    Thank you
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    I'm removing the link to your page to avoid the spam association - "villas for sale" will unfortunately attract opportunists.

    As for whether to use lazy load on your page, why not base you decision on actual test data rather than asking for our opinion? Lazy loading typically reduces initial download size and HTTP requests, so it *does* improve page performance in that sense. The downside is that it can be annoying to visitors. You should install a lazy load script and test your page's before and after stats/scores in something like GTMetrix or Google's PageSpeed Insights. Offset this with actual user data in A/B testing - where you have 2 pages, one with and one without, and you actually get real user opinions and watch their behaviour as they move around your site. From this you will have a better understanding and should be able to decide if a lazy load script is right for you.
    There are online A/B test services available should you decide to use one - unfortunately Dynamic Drive doesn't provide that service.

    To optimise Galleria, please refer to the documentation

    Im closing this thread to deter further involvement from potential spammers.
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