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Thread: Looking for chat software for my new website!

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    Lightbulb Looking for chat software for my new website!

    Hello guys,

    Don't know this is the right place to open my issue here or not? Actually I am looking for best chat app software for my new website. So that I can chat with lots of people using one platform. Do you know about any of them? If yes, please let me know.

    I am waiting for your response here. Thanks!

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    "Best" is a matter of opinion so you'd be better off doing your research via Google and trying a few out based on your budget, feature needs and server requirements.

    You can increase your chances of getting a helpful reply if you answer these questions:

    - What are your requirements?
    - What features are you looking for?

    If you answer these questions, people are more likely to respond.

    Note to opportunists: We are aware that these types of questions tend to attract spam, so the moderators will closely monitor this thread and delete it if it takes a turn to Spamsville.
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