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Thread: Help with DB and Front End

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    Default Help with DB and Front End

    Hi Guys

    I need someones help, I have client that wants a DB that can store data and pictures for second hand cars, with the ability to be able to search and expand the pics etc etc. I will admit, when it comes to DB's I'm useless to be honest and need someone to help me set up the DB and the pages that access it (i.e search pages and pages to input the cars etc, I can do the rest of the website but this element I'm just lost.

    Can anyone offer their valuable time and assistance to add a friend..... even if you could send me a zip file with the pages and db in and I can take it from there.. it would help.
    Very Best Rgds, Simonf :cool:
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    Custom/bespoke db systems, with admin backend and integrated search, take a great deal of time (and money) to setup, but you might be able to manipulate a 3rd party e-commerce system to your needs. Why not start your research here

    If you're using a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla, there are plugins/addons that you can download too.

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