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Thread: Looking for personsive menu for existing website.

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    Default Looking for personsive menu for existing website.

    Hi Guys,

    I currently have a website with menus designed for desktop. I wish to have a compatible menu for mobile. Something similar to this.

    The thing is i do not wish to start from scratch just add the required codes as I'm not good with coding at all. So when the screen size is smaller, my menus automatically switch to hamburger menu.


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    Where is the website that you have your menu on now?

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    It is unlikely that you will just be able to apply a script to a page and everything will just look and work as you'd like. I'm guessing that you will need to at least modify the markup and CSS a touch - assuming that your existing menu is already in the required format (see the demo you linked to for details). But we have nothing to go on so please post a link to your page so that we can make a better assessment of what you're working with.
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