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    Hi, guys! I`m a newcomer here and I`m just looking for advice. I hope, you will help me. I want to create my own site, but I’m not a good hand at coding, so I have to choose platform to create my site. What is better to try? A lot of my friends are talking about WordPress. Once I have found this list of website builders in the Internet. They also seem to be not bad, even with some cool features, but I don`t know, is it a good idea to try one of them. I need your help.
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    Most of the regulars here tend not to use website builders so it's unlikely that we'll be able to give you the advice you're seeking - even if we did, 'what is best' (aside from compliant code generation and standards) is a matter of personal taste. Really, the only person who can make that assessment is you. Try a few out and see what you like.

    You mention Wordpress, but that isn't a website builder. It's a content management system. You can build your own templates around it if you're willing to dive in to the code, but otherwise you'd be looking at hunting down pre-made templates (paid or free) that you install as a base, and then you'd look for plugins/addins for sliders, contact forms, galleries and such, that you'd install as extras/features.

    These types of general questions tend to attract spam so this thread will be monitored and closed if it looks like it might take that turn.
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    When you do a Google search and reviews the ones on the list you will see the pros and cons but it seems like most of them had several cons. A few have monthly charges too.

    What will you be making a website for? personal site, business site, a blog, etc?

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