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Thread: Checkbox toggle in Chrome and Opera

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    Default Checkbox toggle in Chrome and Opera

    Steps to reproduce the issue:

    1. In your browser Settings select Continue where you/I left off under On startup.
    2. Navigate to the demo.
    3. Check the checkbox.
    4. Edit the text.
    5. Close your browser and reopen it. Or duplicate/clone the tab.

    Now as you see the checkbox is checked, but the textarea isn't colored.
    I tried it in the latest version of Chrome and Opera in Windows 10. I'm not sure about Safari, but it probably behaves the same way.


    • Why does it happen?
    • What's a cross-browser solution?

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    I have windows 7 and I can't repeat your issue in Opera Stable, Beta, or Developer. I did see your issue in the Chrome browser. I would recommend reporting this to the Chromium bug submissions page. See here for guidelines and links:
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