Since JSCAPE MFT Server runs with Java, I thought I'd ask here... maybe it's a Java problem.

I've been asked to run the JSCAPE MFT Server, v8.2.1.44, and everything on it is working ok. That is, everything except for the URL Branding (described here, starting on page 188, ). When I upload a custom logo in URL Branding for anyone of the clients according to directions, it displays only on the first page, the login page, but not on all subsequent pages as it's supposed to. JSCAPE Customer Service has directed me to various extremely easy help videos and insists that this feature should work if configured correctly. As seen in the above PDF User Guide, It's extremely easy to configure, but it just will not work. If you use JSCAPE MFT Server and URL Branding, would you please tell me what am I missing that all the JSCAPE help, manuals and videos can't help me in configuring this feature, URL Branding?