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    Default overlay on area map


    I have a website with a body diagram on it. I want to create an area map of the body diagram, and when you hover the mouse over certain parts of the body, they highlight.

    Please have a look at this website for an example of what I mean:

    Creating the area map is easy. The challenge I need help with is how to get the highlighting to cover the areas of the map--that is, how to get the shape of the highlight to match the part of the body mapped out by the area.

    I've done highlighting before, but it was on rectangular areas--divs essentially--and the highlight was just an extra div overlayed on top of the first div with its opacity set to 50%. But is there a way to shape an overlay into an irregular form? Or to get an overlay to conform to the coordinates of an area map?


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    Maybe try an online image map generator?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beverleyh View Post
    Maybe try an online image map generator?
    Thanks Beverley, I'll have a look at those links.

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