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Thread: CSS form (Pop up Form labels) not sending e-mail??

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    Default CSS form (Pop up Form labels) not sending e-mail??


    So I wanted to use this amazing form here: ( ) on my website.

    You can view the page in question at:

    However when I try to submit the form- instead I get a message that says "You cannot send a blank form".

    Testing it using the following: - I receive e-mails through this just fine.

    Is there something wrong with the code for the pop-up form label in its relation to "FormToEmail.php" that it thinks the form is blank? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what the problem is as I'm totally sold on this form style and would rather not change it!

    Any insight is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    TIP: If one works and the other doesn't, look for patterns that have changed or for things that are different.

    TIP: If you are integrating new markup/CSS in an existing script, make gradual changes and test thoroughly between each addition. Don't remove something unless you know what it is for and you're sure it wont have an adverse effect.

    TIP: Learn more about forms and what their fields and attributes are for.

    SPOILER ALERT! (and glaringly obvious omission)... name attribute!!
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