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Thread: Warning: Missing argument 6 for HTML::headers()

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    Default Warning: Missing argument 6 for HTML::headers()


    I get below error message on the website top head sections. This only appears on some pages, and not on most. I was told it could be due to a whitespace but maybe not.

    Warning: Missing argument 6 for HTML::headers(), called in /home/turkishp/public_html/admin2/index.php on line 11 and defined in /home/turkishp/public_html/admin2/classes/htmlClass.php on line 5

    Is there something I could add, to hide errors as above from appearing ?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Is this a Wordpress or Joomla site and what is the URL?

    It's not possible for anyone to look at those files without the URL of the site.

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