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Thread: { Help ] Mobile Friendly Version not working .

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    Default { Help ] Mobile Friendly Version not working .

    Hello Friends ,

    I am facing some serious issue with my one of the site

    I have enabled mobile friendly version of my site but its not working properly .

    After enabling mobile friendly view of site only few pages are showing mobile friendly .

    Currently i am using Wptouch plugin to make my site responsive and mobile friendly but with this plugin i am losing many functions of site . So i want to make my site mobile friendly with its current theme .

    I am using coupon press theme from premiumpress on site .

    Can anyone help me in fixing this issue . Any help or tip would be appreciated .

    Thanks & Regards
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    Please be aware that I have re-edited your post to remove the hyperlink to your website, which is in accordance with new member guidelines.

    It has been noted that during your edit, you reinstated the link to your website. Please do not re-insert the hyperlink as this can be indicative of self promotion and spam activity which may lead to a ban.

    I am facing some serious issue with my one of the site
    What are the problems specifically?

    If somebody is able to assist you, they will reply when they can. It may help in the meantime if you provide more details of the problems you are having so that people know what to look for when offering help. Post screen captures if needed and describe the behaviours you expect/would like to see, in comparison to what is actually happening.
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    As this is not strictly a PHP question but a Wordpress theme, you might be better trying the Couponpress Support Forum.

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