Hi John: Your successors to Swiss Army look great. I would be very happy to help with the documentation. God knows you've helped me enough. I was actually a technical writer for a software development company at one point. And I recall how programmers love to program but hate to do the documentation. The only problem is I may be the only person left on planet earth who doesn't own a cell phone, which is no doubt why I am trying to make my sites mobile friendly so late in the game. However, google has a site where it runs a test to see if it is mobile friendly and the results say: text too small to read, clickable elements too close together, viewport not set. https://search.google.com/test/mobil...40m5lGQSe-88Yw But it looks to me as if turning the phone sideways would solve the problem. Someone who is familiar with using a cell phone would be a much better tester of the functionality, and once it is mobile-friendly enough, I could help with the documentation.