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Thread: Store other mysql table data into another table.

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    Default Store other mysql table data into another table.


    I have a "registration" new table with some fields like Guid, ClientGuid, RegistrationDate, DeregistartionDate, Status, Created and LastUpdate.

    I have another table with almost 5000 records and the table name is "Client" with so many fields including Guid, RegistrationDate, DeregistartionDate.

    Now i want to put Guid, RegistrationDate, DeregistartionDate data from client table and put this date in "registration" table.

    i wrote a queary like this but its not working.. it says #1062 - Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY'

    INSERT INTO `registration` (`ClientGuid`, `RegistrationDate`,`DeregistrationDate`)
    SELECT `Guid`, `RegistrationDate`, `DeregistrationDate` FROM `Client`;

    Thanks in advance..


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    Open SQL Server Management Studio.

    Right-click on the database name, at that point select "Assignments" > "Fare data..." from the item pioneer.

    The SQL Server Import/Export wizard opens; click on "Next".

    Give verification and select the source from which you need to duplicate the information; click "Next".

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