I am using the 'fancybox' jquery script for modal windows on wordpress (official page). Everytime a user clicks on a button a window popups and it should have information about the post. This script is composed of various .js files, and therefore there are not many ways of doing things, because there are many lines already written.

So, inside one of the .js files there is this thing that i just discovered is something called javascript classes.

$.extend(F, {
// HTML templates
			tpl: {
				wrap     : '<div class="fancybox-wrap" tabIndex="-1"><div class="fancybox-skin"><div class="fancybox-outer"><div class="fancybox-inner">PRINT VALUES HERE</div></div></div></div>',
				image    : '<img class="fancybox-image" src="{href}" alt="" />',
				iframe   : '<iframe id="fancybox-frame{rnd}" name="fancybox-frame{rnd}" class="fancybox-iframe" frameborder="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen' + (IE ? ' allowtransparency="true"' : '') + '></iframe>',
				error    : '<p class="fancybox-error">The requested content cannot be loaded.<br/>Please try again later.</p>',
				closeBtn : '<a title="Close" class="fancybox-item fancybox-close" href="javascript:;"></a>',
				next     : '<a title="Next" class="fancybox-nav fancybox-next" href="javascript:;"><span></span></a>',
				prev     : '<a title="Previous" class="fancybox-nav fancybox-prev" href="javascript:;"><span></span></a>'
What i want is to print inside the <div class="fancybox-inner">
</div> the title of the current post, and many other custom values of wordpress related to information of the post. However, as this is inside of javascript all my attempts to do so have been worthless... as many of you may know, writing php there has as outcome the php code only commented by javascript.
I dont have experience with javascript apart of copy-paste reading...
┐How can i work this out?