Hello I am new to flash and have a basic question
I have a gallery.xml which looks like that:

<image id="#1" thumb="thumb1.jpg" im="im1.jpg" />
<image id="#2" thumb="thumb2.jpg" im="im2.jpg" />
<image id="#3" thumb="thumb3.jpg" im="im3.jpg" />
<image id="#4" thumb="thumb4.jpg" im="im4.jpg" />
<image id="#5" thumb="thumb5.jpg" im="im5.jpg" />

I specified a button code in the flash like that:
on (release)
getURL("http://www.web1.com", "_blank");

but I want to have different url links for the different images in the flash.For example when click on im1.jpg to open web1.com,when click on im2.jpg to open web2.com and so on.
Perhaps I need to add linkurl in the gallery.xml and new button code.
Someone please help I will be very grateful