var serviceURL = "http://localhost/db/";

var employees;
var uname;

$('#employeeListPage').bind('pageinit', function(event) {
var uname=$("#uname").val();
function getEmployeeList() {

$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'employees.php', 

function(data) {

$('#employeeList li').remove();
		employees = data.items;
		$.each(employees, function(index, employee) {
$('#employeeList').append('<li><font color=white size=2>' + +  '</font><br></li>' 

I used the above code to retrieve data from database.

but when i want to retrieve data from database via Uname variable by adding this ($.getJSON(serviceURL + 'employees.php?uname='+uname, ) Nothing seems to work any help