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Thread: Link button to a form page with a spacific item in the drop down list active.

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    Default Link button to a form page with a spacific item in the drop down list active.


    I have a web page that has information about several services the company provides. At the bottom of each service I have a link to request more information that takes the visitor to a form to fill out. In the form is a drop down list with each service. I would like the drop down list to display the type of service in the form from which service the visitor clicked on. I am unsure of how to accomplish this and am fairly new to HTML, CSS, and Java.

    Thank you for any help with this problem.

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    are all the links to the same form?

    if so the form can be a popup on the same page depending on your requirement or the size of the form

    please provide a link to your home page and the form
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