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Thread: Creating a virtual wifi AP from ASUS laptop without requiring a password

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    Default Creating a virtual wifi AP from ASUS laptop without requiring a password

    I have an ASUS laptop running WIN8.1 and I've been searching between the last two days a total of probably 15 hours searching for freeware software that will enable my laptop to setup its own WiFi hotspot with custom ssid BUT I want it to be an open connection where a password is not required to autehticate using the hotspot.

    I have found numerious software such as -Connectify -MyPublicRouter -Virtual Router Manager -BEETmobile -mHotspot -SeventhGate -MyRouter -Maryfi -Win hotspot

    and several others... And every one of them I've tried, only to discover that each one requires me to set up a password to be used for people to authenticate. I dont want wep or WPA/WPA2, just open access, so on another device I could simple open wifi and click on my laptop's ssid and access, like tethering for rooted android phones.

    Theres many apps for Android for tethering that wont require a WPA/2 password, surely there must be one for Windows, right?

    I found a tutorial to use cmd to make a laptop into a portable wifi hotspot using C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=YourPreferredNetworkName key=YourPreferredKey
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork
    Which forces me to setup a password for users to use my virtual wifi.

    I just want an open virtual access point without a password being required for users to login to it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    ~Ross Vaughn God Bless

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    I will suggest using Connectify Pro. Its better to avoid additional apps I understand but its worth and with lots more features.

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