i want to dynamically render select options in a form, the number of the select tags that are rendered will depend on how many a user has selected..

for example, if a user says they want 3 items. i want to display 3 select options tags. Each of the input tags will have their values fed to them from an array function(its just a simple php array).

i am not sure of the best way to dynamically render these tags and would really appreciate some advice.

it might help if i show u what i mean.

the array values to be fed to the select tag:

PHP Code:
 $arrayValues  arrayValues()
              { return 
$selection = array( '0' => 'none' ,' 1' => '1 item' ,' 2' => '2 item' ,' 3' =>' 3 item' ); } 
the select tag

PHP Code:
 <select id="howmany" name="items[howmany]"  />'; 

                    foreach ($arrayValues as $key => $value)
                        echo '
<option value="' . $key .'">' . $value . '</option>';
the code to determine how many tags a user wants;

 $(".howmany").change(function(){ var value = $(this).val(); }
i know how to dynamically render an input tags for a simple input tag. i.e

$('button').click(function () {
    $('div').empty().append(new Array(+$('input[type=number]').val()+1)
   .join("<input type='text' placeholder='Type Something'/>"));

the issue for me is that my select tags has values fed to it from the $arrayValues.

thank you in advance for your kind assistance