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Thread: help: CSS & dreamweaver mx

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    Default help: CSS & dreamweaver mx

    newbie here to using css.

    the design i have in mind for a client i would like to implement this menu:

    it's a site that has main pages with multiple pages within. so this type of menu would be a perfect solution.

    i'm working in dreamweaver mx. i have never had to use css before until now. as a matter of fact, i have not needed to use dreamweaver much, but once again, my design skills are needed.

    i'm very frusterated and no, i cannot afford an upgrade to dreamweaver cs5 or cs6

    where do i place the css? i need basic instructions here. i'm so sorry for all of this. once i figure out where to place this or using the css style sheet. etc. i'll be fine for changing the text, colours, etc.

    thanks and sorry for sounding frazzled....


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    CSS goes in the <head> section of a web page document, either in <style> tags, or referenced via a link and placed in its own external stylesheet. Those are the basics. Unfortunately I do not know enough about how Dreamweaver works to instruct you how to use it, although I'm sure that there will be a split-screen view that will allow you to see the code alongside the visual design screen. The code view is what you should learn to become more familiar with if you'd like to start integrating 3rd party scripts and CSS, etc. But first, it helps if you fully understand the anatomy/structure of a web page. How are you with that? Do you know what the <head> and <body> sections are for example? It will help you greatly look at some starter HTML and CSS tutorials - codecademy have some nice ones

    If you want specific directions in using Dreamweaver, try Googling something like "how to use CSS with Dreamweaver MX"
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