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Thread: Gantt Chart for website planning

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    Default Gantt Chart for website planning


    next term I'm moving into a new office and I've noticed that in my new office there's a large board. On this board I'd like to set up a Gantt chart, I did used to physically draw them when I was a draftsman for a small engineering firm but it's been years since I did them.

    I know the core basics of them :

    But the project I'm working on is for an internal web site, an intranet, with lots of resources for staff, pupils and parents.

    I was going to draft out the design in Excel and physically print it onto maybe two or three sheets of A3 paper but it's the different stages that I'm thinking about, when I used to draw them years ago I was using symbols as we only had black ink, but I'm thinking of just using highlighter pens to colour each stage in but can any one advise me on what stages there could be in developing a Gantt chart for a website?

    Many thanks,

    Jay Dog

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    For software engineers learning Gannt Chart is sometimes important. Here is a helping link

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    I believe you tried already, but free and best way in my work was google doc spread sheet AND gantt chart template of it.
    There are various form of chart template I didn't even need to modify for a specific type of project.
    I took a look at one of the cheapest paid solution for $29/yr, but changed my mind into google doc...
    Wish Google didn't discontinue Gantt chart, though...
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