PHP Code:
mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `page` ORDER BY `page`.`id` DESC limit 0,3");
'<div id="list_home">';
$showpost mysql_fetch_assoc($toppost)){
$fromDB     $showpost['page_content'];
$show substr($fromDB,0,100);
//$receive = wordwrap($fromDB,110,"<!----Cut---->");
//        $pieces = explode("<!----Cut---->", $receive);
echo '<div class="travel">
<h3> '
.$showpost['page_name'].'  </h3>
<p> '
.$show.' </p>
<a href="pages/view/'
.$showpost['page_url'].'"> Lees meer <span> >> </span> </a>
I want to show the picture if there is one in the beginning of the article . ( also when it is a remote banner) it must be recaled.

Then i also want to show 15 titles in 3 koloms with 5 links. I managed to show 3 titles based on this script but the 25 are to far from eachoter.