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Thread: CMotion Image Gallery works with mouse, not with touchscreen

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    I have found this old post and I have found it very interesting because I'm using Cmotion for years. Now I'm trying to make responsive a web site to touchscreen. Concretely, in this site:

    I use Cmotion here:

    The motiongallery.js version used is that of the last post above. There are slightly modifications, for example, Cmotion starts moving left when page is loaded (I think this is useful and sefl-explanatory for the Cmotion functionality). It works fine when mouse is used (in PCs) and also for touchscreens (in mobiles) but in this case the Cmotion needs to be at rest at startup (it is necessary to remove the moveleft() function the end of fillup() function.

    My question is how to stop Cmotion moving to the left in a touchscreen and how to return to the starting point at the original right-most position. It seems the container is resized the the current position and not to the right-most position.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi again:

    I think I have resolved at least partially. Now Cmotion moves to the left at start up and I've made that it returns to the right after 6 seconds. In this way the scrolling functionality a Cmotion is shown to the site visitor.

    There is still a little problem because the message "End of gallery" is not shown when a touchscreen is used. I think this is a problem in the original "ddadmin" code I took from this threat.

    I will see if I'm capable to resolve it.

    Thanks again.

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