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Thread: moving data from one table to another

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    Default moving data from one table to another

    I am new to php, mysql, I have 2 tables (table1 and table2) and wish to move data from table1 to table2 such that when a user filled in a reg_number in the form field and clicks the submit button it executes the code and opens a fresh page named "register.php.

    I am having problem with this code as it fails to execute and returning blank page. Please help me in resolving this problem.
    here is the form:

    <form action="discharge.php" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="reg_number" value="">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit">

    here is my discharge.php code:



    // username and password sent from form

    $sql="INSERT INTO table2 (reg_number, surname,first_name, othername, gender)
    SELECT reg_number, surname,first_name, othername, gender FROM table1 WHERE reg_number='$reg_number'";

    DELETE * FROM table1 WHERE reg_number='$reg_number'";
    header ("location:register.php");


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    I wouldnt nest the select query as you cant really error trap that I would rather do the query and if there is a result do the insert, if the insert happens do the delete, all the way through you can have three error traps

    if select {great} else {error}
    if insert {great} else {error}
    if delete {great} else {error}

    this will allow you to see at what stage your script is failing and stop the blank screen of unknown you have

    I also say that you should never pass a variable into an SQL query directly without sanitizing it first:

    $reg_number=$_POST["reg_number"]; //This is Dirty and vulnerable

    //You can imagine someone putting a nested mysql query into your form field and dropping or truncating your tables, disaster.

    $reg_number=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST["reg_number"]); //Slightly better...

    //if the reg_number is always going to be a number you could validate using is_numeric(); this would help stop nested queries

    if (is_numeric($reg_number)) {
    //Do the mysql stuff because it is safe to do so
    //redirect back to try again or just echo error message and then exit;

    Hope this helps and does not confuse things too much

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