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    Default Domain name options


    There are so many domain names options available now, I just wondered what your opinion is and are they truly worth it?

    So for example I want to use the word 'London' in my domain, but I'm considering waiting for the .london domains to become available (in July I think).

    It will cost me £60 more per year than a domain with the word 'London' in it.

    What if any are the advantages of having a .london domain? Are they just an expensive gimmick?

    I look forward to your replies.

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    It's the future, because existing domains are beginning to run out.

    At least for a number of years, though, they will look quite silly and, in my opinion, be inferior to the existing "real" domains. In fact, I expect that forever a real .com will be seen as more desirable than any of the alternatives. This will be something like seeing a business that says "Established 1850", or maybe more like the system of toll-free phone numbers in the US-- originally they were 800, which everyone knows is then a "real" number, compared to the alternatives-- 877, 888, and so forth.

    But in the end, I think it depends on what names are available. A very bad/long/confusing .com will certainly not be better than a very clear and easy to remember .london domain. It's also possible, with such a local domain, that it would depend on the particular market-- maybe .london will be popular and .newyork will not be, or maybe the opposite.

    In short, I would not suggest specifically waiting for a .london domain, no. but it might be a reasonable option if you do have the choice.
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    Default domain will probably be worse choice than 1-word .london domain. But i'm sure that it's still possible to find short and informative .com (5-8 characters long).

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