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Thread: mysql timestamp in php

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    Default mysql timestamp in php

    I want to lock users login account every 2 days
    i created login_time as timestamp.

    The problem is that 2 days has passed but i can still login with the account whereas
    the account is suppossed to be lock for every 2 days. its seems there is a problem with the fetch query

    Any help

    Thank You.

    //PDO Connection
    $statement = $db->prepare('
    		SELECT id,login_time,username FROM membersuyg58ftplkbv
    		WHERE username = :username');
    ':username' => $txtusername);
    // catch id by fetching its database row and lock the account for every 2 days
    	$catch = $statement->fetch();
    if (($catch[0]) > (2 * 24 * 60 * 60)) {
    echo 'account lock';
    echo 'login ok';

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    $catch[0] is going to be the id value.

    Looks like you're using PDO? fetch defaults to fetching both column names and numbered indexes. It would be most reliable to use $catch["login_time"].

    I assume login_time is a unix timestamp. You need to compare this timestamp to (2*24*60*60) plus the current time (otherwise, you're comparing every login_time to midnight, January 3, 1970).

    Related question: are you not actually checking the password when you log in?

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