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Thread: Image is not getting placed inside tinymce editor on drag/drop for chrome

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    Default Image is not getting placed inside tinymce editor on drag/drop for chrome

    i have html page where i am using tinymce editor. when i open the mockup in firefox browser and now drag/drop an jpg image at any position in tinymce editor, it display correctly. But when i do the same process in Chrome browser, the moment i dropped an image, it does not place the image inside tinymce editor instead it opens the image as if the image is opened up in separate browser with path of image given in browser address bar. I am not able to understand why image is not placed inside tinymce editor when html page is opened up in chrome browser(though it is placed correctly in Chrome)?What is the workaround to place the jpg image correctly inside tinymce editor for Chrome?

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    I use TinyMCE in a few projects and I haven't seen this behaviour in Chrome - for me, when a page is open inside the editor, I can drag and drop an image anywhere within the editing area and it lands exactly where I put it. It doesn't open in a new window.

    I currently use version TinyMCE 3.5.10

    If you are using a very old version of TinyMCE it's possible that you need to upgrade.

    If you have discovered a new bug, please report it to the folks at Moxiecode here:

    For specific TinyMCE help, you would be better off asking in the TinyMCE forums: - they know their product better than anyone here and are better equipped to offer dedicated advice.

    Good luck
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