1) Script Title: fadeslideshow

2) Script URL (on DD): www.yardsunlimited.com/NewSiteA

3) Describe problem: Well this script file worked before in NOF12 ... but stopped working in both 12 and 2013 on Sunday??? I am not a web designer by any means just someone who updates the company website and until last week it work fairly well. I had changed the photo slide show from a Flash gallery to a Script fade slide show last year with good success and on Sunday this script stopped working??? Has something changed with this script? If you can review the source code I am using you can find the new website at www.yardsunlimited.com/NewSiteA and if you want to look at the old site you can find it at www.yardsunlimited.com/NewSiteB ... both have the script in the source code but the script no longer runs??? This may be linked to the NetObjects Fusion 2013 program that I am using to create my site (I dunno?)

Any assistance would be most appreciated!

Thank you!