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    Default PHP Contact Form

    I have a PHP contact form. I want the email to go to the friends email. When I put a static email in such as it sends the email, however; I need to have it be dymaic and send to whatever email is placed in the friends email field. I tried this and it doesn't send.
    PHP Code:
    // User settings
    $to $email;
    $subject "Bri Cooper"
    the website is

    Go to share and you will see the form pop up.

    I have attached the PHP file as a text file.
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    Try to set a value for the friend's email as POST since you use it down in your send action...

    <label for='contact-email'>*Friends Email:</label>
    <input type='text' id='contact-email' class='contact-input' name='email' tabindex='1002' value="<?php $_POST["email"] ?>" />";

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