Been working on galleria. One can set the info (image captions) to be permanently displayed
or to toggle info so that the visitor can click on the I to see the captions
and click on the info-close button to close it

But if one only uses showInfo:true, (and not toggleInfo) then galleria displays the captions by default - but does not display the info-close x button - so you can't close the captions area.

So the question is, what changes are needed in the js for the info to be displayed on load, but to have the info-close button also displayed

I think the relevant js code in galleria.classic.js is

        // toggle info
        if ( options._toggleInfo === true ) {
            info.bind( 'click:fast', function() {
        } else {
            this.$('info-link, info-close').hide();
The above is from galleria.classic.js

galleria-1.3.5.js galleria.classic.js

The classic theme is used on the top slideshow on this page

Any help greatly appreciated