There is a great Wordpress plugin called Facebook Walleria ( http://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-walleria-wordpress-plugin/634775 )that embeds complete facebook walls on external websites. Not only is the content displayed but you can view likes and comments, AND like and comment on posts directly from the external website rather than being directed back to facebook to do so.

The plugin is poorly maintained so rather than harass the developer I just figured I would teach myself PHP and then check out some JSON tutorials and try to build this plugin myself, however I only have a passing knowledge of Javascript.

Are there specific programming concepts/techniques involved in producing such a product that I should look into during my learning in order to achieve what I want to accomplish? I just want to know where to look so I can understand the basic building blocks for such a plugin (the top-down order) and then outline a course of action for myself. There are quite few plugins that do what this one does but for some reason NONE of them have the functionality of letting people comment on facebook posts or like them from an external website, which is making me think that the developer of that plugin maybe has a few tricks up his sleeve or advanced knowledge that the others don't.

Any pointers or advice greatly appreciated thank you.