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Thread: Links for each section of a page

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    Question Links for each section of a page

    I used to develop websites a lot of years ago, and have since returned. But obviously everything has changed
    ( I started with HTML 3 then on to 4 and messed with JS ) I'm doing ok, but one thing escapes me. I have seen
    sites, W3C being one of them, where if you click on a link on the nav'bar it will take you to another section of the
    same page. If somebody could point me in the direction of how to do that I would be most grateful. In the early
    years you created a frameset, then had to build pages to drop into your main page using a link. That's OK if it's
    a big site (although that format is not used now so I believe). As the site I'm working on isn't very big and each
    section only holds a cross section of items, one page would suffice. Any ideas?


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    What you are talking about used to be called a named anchor because it used the name attribute of an a tag to navigate to that section of the page. However, the current convention is to use the id attribute for the same purpose. See:

    Scroll down to the section titled "HTML Links - The id Attribute".

    Also see the interactive demo:

    If you have more questions about it, just ask.
    - John

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