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Thread: Need help with a simple php video gallery & player created from a folder of videos

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    Default Need help with a simple php video gallery & player created from a folder of videos

    first of i'de like to point out i'm a complete novice at php scripts, anyway here goes

    I'm looking for a php script that will create a gallery on the left (showing in date added order) & a player on the right, i have a folder named "videos" which is constantly being added to with various video formats such as mp4/mov/avi/mpg, so i need a script that will read the folder contents and create the said gallery & player, i've already got the file upload script working so users can upload their videos, but i'm at a loss as how to create a php script to do the job, i have got a similar script for pictures running nicely and looks like this

    So imagine the picture above being a video gallery, so when a user clicks an video image on the left i want the video to play on the right, any help would be greatly appreciated, if you need any more info please feel free to ask and thanks again for taking the time to read my post


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    The first thing I think you should approach is finding and implementing a suitable video player script. Once you've got that setup and working you can tackle the php side to automate the playlist creation.

    So maybe look for a video script which loads new videos into a main player via the click of a hyperlink, or one which reads from an XML playlist, or something.

    Once you've got one that you're comfortable working with, and you understand how to load in new videos from a playlist or list of links that you can create manually, you'll then be in a position to automate the playlist/link creation process with php.
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