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Thread: Flash or HTML5?

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    Default Flash or HTML5?

    Hi, a few days ago two different people suggested HTML5 over Flash to use as an MP3 player.

    I'm really not familar with HTML5 at all but what are people's views on this?


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    Flash is useful if you want to use complex graphics and user interaction. For example, it's good for making a game.

    Flash or HTML5 can embed simple media (video, audio) about equally well.

    HTML5 is newer and not supported in all browsers/devices yet.

    Flash is found on almost every device except those that specifically avoid it like iPhones and the rare really old devices or few people who for some reason don't install [or remove] Flash (and maybe some Linux users).

    Flash will never be used on every device (Apple's decision, at the very least), while HTML5 probably will be for all devices in the future though some are still behind or catching up.

    The formats you use are limited by what can play. For example, Flash only works with MP3s and not other kinds of files (as far as I know-- there are maybe a couple other options, but not something like WAV). HTML5 can play a few different formats, though it varies by device (in some cases it just seems like whatever the system can play is fine in HTML5, but then it varies by system and that doesn't always apply).

    For the future? HTML5.
    For the past? Flash.
    At the moment? Hard to say. Flash is certainly the default, but it's shifting I think.

    The best option at the moment is actually to mix the two-- almost all of your visitors are going to have one, but not all will have both/either. iPhone users don't have Flash (and never will), while a fair number of visitors are still on older machines that aren't yet caught up to modern standards for browsers. You'll love some visitors either way. So, if you can, use both.

    And remember, embedding media on a website should enhance the experience, not define it. If there's a reason that the media is crucial, simply provide a download link for those who can't otherwise view it. Lots of users like to download the media anyway.

    For video this can be a little complicated-- I'd probably suggest relying on Flash, plus a download link. Personally I just use download links, but that isn't so popular in general at this point.

    But you're asking about audio. There's a great script:

    John (jschuer here) has done some modifications (in a few threads around here) to see if it can work on all devices, with some success. So if you really care about very limited non-modern devices like first generation ebook readers (well, the first ones with full browsers and speakers) then look into that.

    SoundManager2 is a great script that does the work for you: it uses HTML5 or Flash based on what the user has available and it does it all silently. It can take a little time to learn how it works, but in my opinion it's very worth it.
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    Daniel is right. Flash for the past and the present, HTML5 for the present and the future. To serve your visitors, use HTML5 with a Flash-fallback.
    Some usefu links for video:

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    Thanks guys, I looked into some HTML5 plug ins on Wordpress but they didn't seem to work then found one online and copied that, it worked prefectly in DW yet when uploaded it didn't work... anyway some alterations on the code and it worked but again thanks. :-)

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