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Thread: Filter image by dimension

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    Default Filter image by dimension

    Hi guys,

    i want to know if this is possible. I have a folder with more than 500 pictures and i want to filter all images.

    let me explain
    i have this structure

    1st image - 800x600
    2nd image - 1024x768
    3rd image - 800x600
    4th image - 1024x768
    5th image - 360x640
    and so on

    i want to filter them by their dimension

    is this possible, i upload all the images and then i can save them in different folder like

    all 800x600 image in different folder and 1024x768 in different folder, same for other images

    If this is possible then please let me know how can i do this?

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    You can if you use the PHP function to read the image size

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