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Thread: Ultimate Fade In Slideshow

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    Default Ultimate Fade In Slideshow

    1) Script Title: Ultimate Fade In Slideshow

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: With the page on which this script is running residing in the same folder as the script itself, everything works fine. I can call the images for my slideshow from sub-folders within my main image folder and they display without problem.

    However, if I put the web page inside a separate folder, calling the script from the directory above like so <script src="../imagefadescript.js"></script>, my images won't appear.

    The link to the script is working, as it's been tested, but whatever I try I can't get the images stored within external folders to display. Why?

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    You're probably getting a little muddled with your paths.

    Its easier to use absolute paths while troubleshooting.

    Alternatively, please provide a link to your live page and we can help you solve issue with relative paths.
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