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Thread: CSS Colors remain behind...Any ideas?

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    Default CSS Colors remain behind...Any ideas?

    Greetings, September 18th 2013

    Briefly, I am experiencing problems with MSIE 9 reaction to some CSS, surprised? Anyways, I have a small form that heavily relies upon CSS formatting with the "TD"s and the actual "Table" The issues are upon closing a "Div Popup" that has loaded, received the "Form, Table" the tables background colors remain behind to resemble a computer hardware memory issue while it is actually a CSS issue. Only a site reload removes the tables background colors. I have been forced to mix actual inline css with header css to achieve the form appearance I desired perhaps I generated a conflict of sorts? there are three tables that header css attempt to apply round corners it's the only thing I can imagine that may be responsible? as all works fine in Firefox, Safari...the css code is straight forward nothing strange or I would share it to prompt your analysis...Any Ideas?


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    Is there an outer div that isn't being 'removed' properly?

    Have you tried other computers? Is there problem there too?

    If you need more help, please provide a link to your page?
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    Beverleyh, September 20th 2013

    Great work! are right on target! after I posted the above last evening this early am I went over the code again and elected to remove all the css formatting off the tables and place it in a div statement around the table which solved the problem! Your help and attention to my problem is greatly appreciated while valued!

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