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Thread: Need advice: designing a webpage background

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    Post Need advice: designing a webpage background

    Hi! I am marking and new here. I am wondering for some information regarding the best graphics that should be used as the background of my new website.Any suggestion about this will be welcome.

    Mod's edit: Because this is a very general question (with no specific answer) and threads like that tend to attract spam, this thread will now be closed. If you have a specific question, you may post a new thread about it.
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    Your question is rather vague. 'Best graphics' are a matter of opinion and purpose - basically you can use just about any image you like as long as it is fitting to the design aesthetic, considerate of marketing needs, an appropriate physical size/dimensions/resolution and format, and optimised for the web.

    Sorry for the vague answer but I'm not sure how best to answer based on the information provided. If you need specific help with something, please ask a more specific question and maybe link to some images you'd like to use to give us a point of reference.
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    As Beverley said, it's hard to answer a vague question. Also, it is important to give your thread a specific title so that we know how to find it again later. "Need advice" is true for every thread posted here, so that doesn't work.

    For your question, are you looking for:
    1. Information about technical requirements for backgrounds? Or
    2. Information about aesthetic (artistic) aspects of designing a background?
    And please add more details. Do you have a website we should look at to discuss?
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