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Thread: resx file: other choices?

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    Default resx file: other choices?

    Hi All. I'm new to this thread and i'm trying to develop a new application for windows. I'm organizing my things and one a central place where i can store my headers, buttons, texts and others. I have used xml file, database table, and class file. so far, class file is my favorite. but i wanted to know if there are other choices? thanks

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    Mod's note:
    This type of generic, open-ended question does not usually generate good discussions, either because there is no clear answer or the answers are too broad or subjective. It would probably be more productive for you to do some research (Google is your friend!), and then come back here and start a new thread if you find a specific question to ask.

    Because this type of discussion is often unproductive and may attract spam, this thread will be closed and may be deleted later.

    Moreover, since asp is not a strong point in this forum, another board might be a better place for this type of question. Though most forums are like this one in that they discourage general questions.
    - John

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