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Thread: To use OpenCart or to not use OpenCart

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    Cool To use OpenCart or to not use OpenCart

    Hello everybody,

    I'm tasked with reproducing a website on a new server. The site includes a shop, running on OpenCart. Do people think I should reproduce the shop using OpenCart or use something else? I want to know what people think of OpenCart and whether there are better alternatives.

    Things to consider:

    1. I haven't used OpenCart before, my HTML, CSS, JS and PHP are all pretty good. I use Wordpress (inc. phpMyAdmin, etc) all the time and am confident that I can reproduce the OpenCart shop fairly easily. That said I haven't got any experience with it or any other eCommerce software (other than PayPal buttons).
    2. The time available is limited and the project owner would be satisfied if the new shop looked like the old shop for now, so reproducing what they've got is probably fastest. Next year they want to build on it but because it only has 5 products so it shouldn't be a problem to again start from scratch.
    3. The project owner is fairly anti-consumerist. They publish and sell their own strand of environmentalist books and don't want to direct money through fees at any unsavory organisations (though I don't know how one can tell this sort of thing).
    4. The Project is UK based but the audience are global.

    Thanks in advance for any help! It's more a point of interest than anything else but your input would be much appreciated.


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    I'd be in a similar position to yours-- I'm not familiar with OpenCart, but I am familiar with the rest. Given that, all I can say is why fix it if it isn't broken? Is there a limitation or problem with the current software?
    Sorry I can't give any more specific advice.
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