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Thread: Responsive 2 Column Form

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    Default Responsive 2 Column Form

    1) Script Title: Responsive 2 Column Form

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:

    I've copied all the example code, and published it to our server. Unfortunately, it doesn't look anything like what displays when I hit the DD URL. I'm using the exact same browser (IE 9.0.8) for both URLs (internal, and the DD site). I can't give you a link to our server, as we are strictly intranet. However, I have attached a picture of what I get. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
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    The image you've posted just appears to be a screen shot of the DD demo page so we can't tell much from that.

    We would really need to see it in the context of your own site. Can you put a temporary page in a publicly accessible area so we can see it. Or use something like jsfiddle to mock it up for us - that probably won't give an accurate representation if you have lots of other styles in play but it might actually help you narrow down the problem.

    Thinking on from the jsfiddle suggestion you could also try making a really simple web page that just contains the demo page CSS/markup as indicated, and then build your 'main' page up around slowly, checking regularly in a browser, and then hopefully you'll be able to see where you went wrong or what is causing conflicts.
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    I see that the attachment was "shrunk" by the system. It's hard to tell, but I copied ALL of the source from the DD demo page (right click, view source), and deployed that to our server. It's hard to see, but the text boxes don't have round corners or highlighting when active, and the layout is wrong.

    I had initially tried to "fold" your sample code around my very simple page, but it wouldn't work. After much struggling, I though I would start with an exact copy of your demo page. Unfortunately, I can't get that to work. I've tried both the page at "", and the linked page "". Neither one will render correctly.

    Following your "JSFiddle" suggestion, I pasted the demo code into that, and it works perfectly. I did a "right-click", "View source" on the JSFiddle "Results" frame, and copied the code. I pasted that into a blank HTML page, deployed it on our server, and it still doesn't work. Some days, I just hate progamming...

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