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Thread: Need a good method of displaying a lot of photos with a short description random

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    Unhappy Need a good method of displaying a lot of photos with a short description random

    The current method of scrolling has "broken down" in Firefox but works in IE10 and Chrome. Jquery-scroll.
    I would probably be better off with a different option anyway. Originally I only had 10 photos. Now I have to get about 50 to work in a manner that would allow the most to be likely viewed by all visitors.
    To do this, I am considering either a controlled fade-over from one to next with a 5 second random selection change and a clicker controlled by the user to force a change faster. A "scroller" would work if it had a selector to speed up display but I already have one horizontal scroll at top of page and think that is enough scrolling.
    Does anyone have a favorite method of doing this? I am an extreme novice but willing to try anything that works.
    Approximate display area is 290x400px so anything that I can fit in that size framework (ie: rolling photo cube etc). Unique is nice if I can do it and if it looks right.
    I can deal with all html/java easier than using css if possible but whatever works.

    Thanks for anything as I am currently stuck.

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